Esta oferta consiste de 1 BRONQUI RESP 8 OZ, 1 DEFENSE SUPPORT 90 CAPS, y 1 XTRA IMMUNE 90 TABS. Se ofrece por precio especial de 65.00.

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BRONQUI RESP 8 OZ – This compound of herbs and vitamins helps with expectoration of phlegm and relieves cough. Refrigerate after opening.

DEFENSE SUPPORT 90 CAPS – This herb-based nutritional supplement contains echinacea, garlic, burdock, red clover, turmeric, olive leaf extract, and astragalus. Suggested Use: Take one after each meal. 3 times daily.

XTRA IMMUNE 90 TABS – Complete product with all the key nutrients that help boost immune function. Contains 500 mg of vitamin C, 200 E, Selenium 200 mcg, 500 Astragalus, Maitake, Shiitake, IP-6 300 mg, 300 mg tibuon cartilage, U? To 300 mg Cat, SOD, Pau Darco 100 mg, etc. Most opportunistic diseases, particularly those caused by viruses and infections are due to a weakened defense system. 3 a day.

Fuera de esta oferta especial, el precio normal es $77.80.

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