Esta oferta consiste de 1 MEDITERRANEAN OREGANO OIL 40 MG 1 OZ, 1 CANDIDA PLUS 90 CAPS, y 1 BIODOPHILUS 100 CAPS. Se ofrece por precio especial de 65.00.

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CANDIDA PLUS 90 CAPS – Candida Plus is the first product for the treatment of enteric candidiasis. The walls of the candida cells are made primarily of fiber. Digestive enzymes can break those walls and penetrate the digesting cells. If this occurs, the candida dies. The enzymes that best digest the cell wall of Candida is hemicellulase. Candida Plus contains hemicellulase. It does not stimulate enzymes to release the candida toxins, and does not produce unpleasant reactions of any kind.

BIODOPHILUS 100 CAPS – Probiotics are necessary to maintain good intestinal flora. Biodophilus contains: enzymes, hydrogen peroxide, vitamins of group B, vitamin K, lactase and other beneficial substances for the digestion and assimilation of food.

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